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Guide to Understanding Wahhabis, Salafis & Wahhabism

This guide contains numerous articles, write-ups, interviews, personal writings and news articles, to aid readers and seekers in gaining a better understanding of the Wahhabi doctrine, ideology and movement. Collectively, the articles cover a historical, social, political, ideological and religious perspective of Wahhabism.  Where possible, it is certainly useful to read all materials contained herein.

This guide is categorised into 3 categories:

  1. Academic Write-Ups and Articles (click here)
  2. News Articles, Personal Writings & Interviews (click here)
  3. Refutations of the Wahhabi Doctrine (click here)

The articles have been rated (from 1 to 5 stars) for the general guideline of readers. However, it should be noted that the ratings are NOT intended to lower the dignity of any scholar or writer, or to rate the writing skills, but rather it is a guideline on the value and perspective of the content measured against the subject matter.

It is hoped that the materials herein would be useful for those who are seeking the Truth. The publisher takes a personal interest in collecting the materials contained herein and is keen to receive feedback from all readers and also welcome any written contribution that may enrich the subject matter and enlighten readers.

Feedback or written contribution can be sent to

Publisher - The Guide to Understanding Wahhabis, Salafis & Wahhabism